Winrah Marah






1  Bik Ndour    

2  Soutbouk    

3  Menich Hzin    

4  Gelou Lmout    

5  Sghar    

6  Shereb    

7  Wena Wena Mechi    

8  Madhloum    

9  Winrah Marah    

10  Khoussouf

More on this record

All songs written by Jawhar Basti
Arranged by David Picard, Louis Evrard, Yannick Dupont & Jawhar Basti
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Davidson at Studio Pyramid, Brussels
Additional recording and edit on tracks 2, 3, 4 & 5 by Vincent Poujol
Produced by D. Picard, L. Evrard, Y. Dupont, A. Davidson & J. Basti
Executive production by Alex Davidson
Jawhar Basti: Guitar & Vocals
David Picard: Keys
Yannick Dupont: Bass, Elec. Guitar & Keys
Louis Evrard: Drums & Elec. Guitar
Additional vocals on Shereb: Virginie Wattiez, Evelyne Van Genechten, Amélie Hubert, Stéphanie Hennot, Emilie Hennot, Taha Basti & Karma Basti
Additional vocals on Madhloum: Karma Basti
Artwork: Amélie Hubert