Ada Oda

Un Amore Debole






1. Un Amore Debole

2. Niente Da Offrire

3. Stanca Di Te

4. Mai Mai Mai

5. Non So Che Cosa Ne Sarà Di Me

6. La Maschera

7. Il Caos

8. Si Fermerà

9. Avevo Torto

10. Domani

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"Un Amore Debole" is Ada Oda debut album, out on November 25th 2022.

Ada Oda is a newcomer in the Brussels scene, playing an up-tempo binary rock that might remind you of some post-punk bands but also of the melodic flights of famous Italian popsongs. A strange mix where ESG clashes with Lucio Battisti through songs that speak of loves gone bad and the people we meet.   Ten tracks, sung in Italian, composed and written by Cesar Laloux and Victoria Barracato during the pandemic.

The artwork refers to the title of the album, Victoria's biceps depicting strength, ... well, more or less.

In the meantime the duo turned into a quintet and they are about to embark on a tour in the fall of 2022 that will take them all over Europe.