Mitsoobishy Jacson

The Confusion Of A.J. Schicksal 1927-1973





A1 Unidentified Frequency Artefacts

A2 Freeman Dyson Loop

A3 Vulva Horse Breakfast

A4 You Planned It

A5 You're Not Ronnie O'Sullivan

A6 Pop Shit Foe Tea

A7 Ejector Seat Choreography

A8 Hey Captain!

B1 Adrian's Theme 3

B2 Opening Titles Reprise

B3 A Basket Full Of Dachshund

B4 Last Day At The Institution

B5 Reykjavik As An Option For Permanent Settlement

B6 Drunk Dogs On The Horizon

B7 Männer Und Ihre Gesundheit

B8 The Mornings Are Even Worse

B9 Who Sent You?

B10 The Guards Stopped Talking To Me

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