Papas Fritas

Pop Has Freed Us





CD-1 Way You Walk 3:48

CD-2 Smash The World (Version )4:08

CD-3 Lame To Be (Version) 3:25

CD-4 Flash Lightning 3:00

CD-5 High School, Maybe 1:32

CD-6 Passions Play 3:04

CD-7 TV Movies 3:58

CD-8 Holiday 2:49

CD-9 Hey Hey You Say 3:15

CD-10 Let's Go Down To The Town Oasis 3:06

CD-11 Do The Move 3:33

CD-12 Say Goodbye 4:05

CD-13 Book Of Love 3:18

CD-14 Vertical Lives 3:47

CD-15 People Tell Me Not To Worry 3:40

CD-16 Questions 3:19

CD-17 Love Just Don't Quit 2:20

DVD-1 Way You Walk 4:11

DVD-2 Hey Hey You Say 3:24

DVD-3 Afterall 3:11

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