Hello, Are you Real ?





Whatever Side

1. You Can't Stay

2. Coffee Shop/Death By Caffeine

3. Hello, Are You Real?

4. The Vice

5. No Strain

6. Townhead

7. Sundae Afternoon

8. All The Same

Aron D'Alesio Side

1. Destroyer

2. The Wrong End Of The Knife

3. Where You Going To

4. The Old River

5. A Long Time

6. Long Way Home

7. Diamond Ring

More on this record

This one is a split LP - one side by Whatever, the other side by Canadian artist Aron D’Alesio (Young Rival).


If spilled beer and frantic, wild garage rock is your kind of thing, then this 3-piece from deep in the Ardennes woods is here for you. Whatever! is a seesaw of a rough, gritty lo-fi sound and catchy sun-filled melodies, with that little something recalling the US garage rock scene, but topped with the subtle scents of the pine trees of their home town.