What do you do when you are 26, still have all the teeth inside your big mouth, have already travelled all over Europe and the USA with your guitar, have written dozens of songs and are still afraid of anything that ressembles a routine?

Easy: form a new band and start from scratch all over again…

And while you're at it, try to do this with a true friend - one who shares nearly the same background as you.

Step 2 - and this is crucial: give your band a name... and not just ANY name.

You need to break loose from your little past, and from The Past, in general - which, of course, is impossible... especially if you are fond of reverb...

Paon was born from the secret desires of Ben Baillieux-Beynon and Aurelio Mattern.

And this birdy is now learning to sing... not too bad…

Paon has opened for Alt-J, Best Coast, Brigitte, Mujeres, Troy Von Balthazar, and the Van Jets.

When they play live, they are a 4-piece

They like Dead Man's Bones, Alt-J, Girls, Tame Impala, The Growlers & Black Lips.




Shine Over Me EP